The Whiskey Companion You Can Keep in Your Pants


Sure, we have our tried and true go-tos, but we are certainly not ones to discriminate—every un-tasted bottle is a potential new favourite!

The Distiller app is a fantastic resource, whether you’re new to the world of whiskey, an aficionado, or looking for a gift. Simply answer a few questions (including mood, price range, how adventurous you’re feeling) and Distiller provides a suggestion by matching your tastes to the unique characteristics of each bottle. You can also browse their database by region, price and type, and each result has a thorough description and easy-to-decipher flavour profile chart.

flavorprofileDistiller employs a panel of “whiskey Iron Chefs”, each with regional expertise (American whiskey, Scotch, Irish and other global varieties) to individually rate and review the bottles in its database. You can also create your own profile to track and review drams you have sampled, plus find, follow and share opinions with other whiskey lovers. Rating whiskeys through the app will provide you with recommendations specifically catered to your tastes.

We find this all pretty awesome. If you do too, go indulge in something new and share what you discover with us at @TheWhiskyChicks.

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